Ghost tour with Aviation twist!!

Most aviation museums probably don’t offer a tour like this but on the north east coast of England you’ll find a ‘ghost watch’ at a small but important air museum.

Regular unexplained things have become common place for volunteers at the North East Land, Sea and Air Museums (NELSAM) in Sunderland.

For many years, volunteers at the site have reported hearing footsteps in the main hangar while others have seen apparitions in cockpits and around other parts of the former RAF Unsworth airfield.

Keith Davison is the Manager of the Museum and is also the person who conducts the tours which run mainly in the English summer.

Dave and I got the chance to visit NELSAM and talk to Keith while we in the UK in 2012.

From what Keith told us, these tours are so popular that they’re providing much needed funds to keep the museums going.

So if you ever get the chance and want to do something a little different, then you should definitely look them up. But be warned, the tours do fill up fast.


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