Getting to know the Vulcan

Vulcan XH558

The Avro Vulcan forst flew in 1952, and after a varied career with the Royal Air Force was in front line service until 1984, although they served as a display aircraft until 1992.

Although some Vulcans went to museums, it seemed none would ever fly again.

Then in 1997, a proposal to put one back into the air was put forward and after a decade long journey, the Vulcan To The Sky Trust succeed with Vulcan XH558 taking to the air in October 1997.

Now after 8 years of thrilling crowds across the UK, XH558 is set to land for the last time in October this year.

Rhianna Patrick travelled to the UK to get to know this iconic aircraft, the last of the large four engined British bombers.

Meet some of the Vulcan to the sky members.

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