12 Days of Aircraft – Day 3

Yesterday’s winner was the close formation of Triplanes…

What will you pick today?

Find out tomorrow.

(Dave and Rhi)

Ghost tour with Aviation twist!!

Most aviation museums probably don’t offer a tour like this but on the north east coast of England you’ll find a ‘ghost watch’ at a small but important air museum. Continue reading

12 Days of Aircraft – Day 2


And the first 12 Days of Aircraft poll winner is …. not Sydney but the formation featuring the Sabre, Meteor and Mustang.

Day 2 is all about the Fokker – which will you choose?

What is the collective noun for a grouping of Fokkers? A bunch of Fokkers?

Until tomorrow,

Rhi and Dave



12 Days of Aircraft – Day 1

Yes it’s finally here!

So what is 12 Days of Aircraft all about I hear you say?

Well each day, we’ll be asking you to vote on your favourite photo out of two options.

A new poll will go up every afternoon and you’ll have 24 hours to vote on each poll.

It’ll all lead to another exciting announcement so get voting!!!

And keep a look out for our Christmas giveaway spectacular (which makes it sound all very impressive).

Until tomorrow,

Rhi and Dave


Denis Baker fondly remembers his time working at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) at Fisherman’s Bend in Victoria.

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Coming Up: CanvasWings Ep 10

On CanvasWings this weekend from 6pm:

Warwick Henry talks about his Stinson L-5B Sentinel which saw action in WWII with the U.S Army Air Force.

Take a 360 tour of it below via our instagram or see more pics of the Watts Bridge Fly- In here

And Meet Denis Baker. Former ground and flight test engineer at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC and later Hawker de Havilland Victoria) and find out how he became the “keeper” of an important collection of documents.

Find more on one particular aircraft the CAC built here.